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The Tesat TOSIRIS is a laser communication terminal for Low Earth Orbit(LEO) to Ground data transmission with 10 Gbps data rate. The system includes a full hemispherical, coarse beam pointing mechanism. It has a lifetime of 5 years in LEO orbit.


Suitable for smallsat LEO to ground laser communication range.

Key features

  • Laser communication terminal optimized for 60cm aperture optical ground station with uplink beacon
  • 1550nm IM DD technology
  • 10minutes communication time/ground station pass
  • Integrated terminal controller for autonomous terminal operation
  • Integrated mass memory
  • Uplink TC channel from optical ground station
  • Reference implementation for CCSDS standard

Flight heritage

The system has acheived flight heritage. It was part of the Airbus‘ Bartolomeo platform on the International Space Station(ISS).

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Last updated: 2022-09-22

TOSIRIS - Direct-to-Earth Laser Communication Terminal



9 kg
length (CPA & terminal)
15 cm
width (CPA & terminal)
20 cm
height (CPA & terminal)
55 cm
power consumption
90 W (typical)
peak power
130 W
transmit power
1 W
channel data rate
10/5/2.5/1.25Gbps LEO to ground; 1Mbps TC Channel ground to LEO
5 years in LEO orbit


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