NPT30 standalone propulsion system


NPT30 is a standalone electric propulsion system for small satellites that can deliver high ∆V. ThrustMe challenged the fundamentals of electric propulsion and miniaturized the system by innovating in how propellant is stored, handled and accelerated. Combining ion thruster technologies with techniques derived from the semiconductor industry enabled high-performance miniaturization. The NPT30 is at TRL6. No performance degradation has been observed after hundreds of hours of operations and hundreds of ON/OFF cycles.


mass1 kg
total impulsemin: 2400 N s, max: 5000 N s
powermin: 40 W, max: 65 W
thrustmin: 0.3 mN, max: 0.9 mN
voltagemin: 12 V, max: 28 V
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Last updated: 2019-01-29