Mission Planning Software generates mission plans for satellite’s guidance sensing and downlink while considering current position of the satellite, satellite constraints, payload constraints, environmental factors. Due to the limited life time of a satellite, effective usage is vital. Mission planning software is responsible for providing maximum imaging and downlink under those constraints.

Main functions:

  • Satellite independent
  • High reusability
  • Client-Server architecture
  • Use of new generation technology
  • Designed to support for multiple satellites
  • Support of various interfaces which is need by different configuration units
  • Constellation support
  • Show plan result on Gantt chart and the 3D world view
  • User interfaces to configure parameters which can vary from satellite to satellite
  • Flexibility in planning time interval
  • Automatic planning support
  • Minimum operator support in the planning
  • User workspace support
  • Access control for operations
  • Internalization support
  • User interface theme support
  • Operating system independent
  • Easy maintainability

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Last updated: 2020-09-24

Mission Planning Software



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