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The VORAGO Technologies VA416x0 is a family of 32-Bit ARM® Cortex®-M4 microcontrollers manufactured with HARDSIL® technology offering superior radiation performance (300 krad TID) and latch-up immunity in space.

Orderable Part Numbers

VA41620 options

  • VA41620-CQ176F0PBA: Ceramic 176-pin QFP, external NVM
  • VA41620-PQ176F0PBA: Plastic 176-pin QFP, external NVM
  • VA41620-PG196F0PBA: Plastic 196 BGA, external NVM
  • VA41620-D000000PBA: Die, external NVM

VA41630 options

  • VA41630-CQ176F0PBA, VA41630-CQ176FKQBA: Ceramic 176-pin QFP, 256 KB on-chip FRAM
  • VA41630-PQ176F0PBA: Plastic 176-pin QFP, 256 KB on-chip FRAM
  • VA41630-PG196F0PBA: Plastic 196 BGA, 267 KB on-chip FRAM

Key features

  • Manufactured with HARDSIL® technology
  • Timer System
    • 24 configurable 32-bit counters / timers
    • Input capture, Output compares
    • PWMs, Pulse Counters, Watchdog timer
  • Memory configuration options: internal NVM, external SPI NVM, external parallel NVM
  • Single-event Latchup (SEL) immunity for all ion: LETs ≤ 110 MeV cm2 / mg (T = 125 °C)

Development Kits

Export control

VORAGO parts are subject to export control restrictions by the US Department of Commerce. We are obliged to know who the customer is, where the parts will ultimately end, and what application they are to be used for. ECCN classification 3A001.



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Last updated: 2022-02-18

VA416x0 - Radiation Hardened ARM® Cortex®-M4 MCU with FPU



supply voltage1
3.3 ± 0.33 V
processor type
32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M4
clock rate
100 MHz
data storage
64KB on-chip data SRAM
256KB on-chip program memory SRAM
256 KB NVM
3 x UART
3 x I2C
104 configurable GPIO pins
3 x SPI
2 x CAN
Ethernet 10/100 MAC
Full-duplex SpaceWire
total ionizing dose
> 300 krad

1. includes on-chip LDO regulator with standby mode


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