The VORAGO Technologies VC91200 is a radiation-hardened latch-up monitor integrated circuit with four current sensing input channels, programmable trigger levels, over-voltage protection, watchdog functionality, and robust communication ability.

Key features

  • Manufactured with HARDSIL® technology
  • Latch-up current sensing of up to 4 devices
  • Over-voltage detection
  • Over-temperature shutdown
  • Load-dump control
  • Load supply range 12V
  • Digital timer watchdog functionality
    • Configurable for Individual channels or Universal Shutdown
    • Configurable timeout period
  • Single-event Latchup (SEL) immunity for all ion: LETs ≤ 110 MeV cm^2 / mg (T = 125 °C)

Export control

VORAGO parts are subject to export control restrictions by the US Department of Commerce. We are obliged to know who the customer is, where the parts will ultimately end, and what application they are to be used for. ECCN classification 3A001.



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Last updated: 2022-02-18

VC91200 - Radiation Hardened Latch-up Monitor IC



supply voltage
1.5 V
3.3 V
data interface
total ionizing dose
> 200 krad

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