Spacecraft batteries have strict safety requirements that dictate that cell voltages, temperatures, and currents be measured. And controlled. While there are many BMS that fulfill these needs for commercial systems, commercially available systems are not constructed with space‐grade, radiation‐ hardened components. ZIN’s Spacecraft BMS fills this need by integrating cell voltage, temperature, and current telemetry into a printed wiring board packaged within the battery. ZIN’s BMS system offers extraordinary flexibility. Its innovative approach to cell voltage monitoring measures the voltage of a Li‐Ion cell within +/‐50mV, even in series stacks with hundreds of volts of common mode voltage. ZIN’s modular system is extendable to handle an arbitrary number of series cells, and performs equally well in low voltage and high voltage batteries. Unlike existing Battery Management Solutions, ZIN’s system requires no upscreening to

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Last updated: 2020-06-12

Battery Management Systems (BMS)



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