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Search tools

The satsearch platform features space suppliers, products, services, and missions from all over the world. Use the search tools below to explore our data.

Supplier search

Search through the thousands of space suppliers listed in our database using the search bar below, or click here to visit the supplier hub that includes additional search tools.

Try an example search:ESAcubesat

Product search

Looking for thrusters, batteries, solar panels and more? Get started using the product search below, or jump to the products hub to access all our product-related tools.

Try an example search:x-bandcubesatreaction wheels

Services search

Looking for launch services, manufacturing services, test services and more? Get started using the services search below, or jump to the services hub to access all our services-related tools.

Try an example search:launchpayload

Mission search

Use the search bar below to search through our mission archive, or click here to access all our mission-related tools.

Try an example search:Falcon 9ViaSat