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Guided and trained by a team with proven experience, the Alén Space hands-on training programme is designed to boost practical training in key technologies and engineering involved in a small satellite mission. Alén Space helps technical universities and institutes of technology to take full advantage of the development of their own small satellite missions.

The Alén Space hands-on training programme follows a well-established six-step method:

  • Develop a plan
  • Train the team
  • Choose technology
  • Access providers
  • Support team
  • Target success

Alén Space has worked on a number of CubeSat projects with universities and technology institutes, including XATCOBEO (2012), SERPENS (2015), and LUME-1 (2018). These projects all culminated in sucessful launches.

Alén Space offers a range of training modules, including:

  • Foundations
    • Mission Design & System Engineering
    • Assembly, Integration & Verification
    • Satellite Operations
  • Hands-on
    • Acceptance of Individual Subsystems
    • Protoflight Model (PFM) Integration in Clean Room
    • Launch Campaign
    • Satellite Functional & Electrical Tests
    • Environmental Test Campaign
    • LEOP & Commissioning Operations
  • Technology
    • Ready to Launch Payload
    • FlatSat
    • Mission Control Software
    • Protoflight Model (PFM)
    • Ground Station Kit

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Last updated: 2021-03-27

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