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Cloudflight’s space data processing and analytics services are designed to create bespoke data products to maximize the chances of mission success.

Data collection and processing is a field that, due to the increasing number of satellites in orbit, has been growing significantly in the space sector for a number of years.

However, working with data is different from utilizing hardware. For many hardware systems, buyers can take an alternative off-the-shelf component and (re)place it as needed it, but building the right tool to process data can be a decisive factor in a mission’s ultimate success or failure.

Cloudflight works with prospective clients following an agile approach; assessing, evaluating, and proposing possible solutions.

The end result is a minimum viable product (MVP) that is tailormade to the client’s (and their data’s) specific needs, maximizing the chances of mission success.

When working on the data processing pipeline, there are several things that satellite operators can prepare as entry points, which will also be beneficial to the entire operation, such as:

  • Developing easily readable code according to good practices,
  • Ensuring that an overview of the entire data pipeline can be made available,
  • Ensuring the availability of relevant data (subject to any business sensitivity, commercial confidentiality, or other privacy restrictions), and
  • Provide some historical reference data if more recent data is unavailable.

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Last updated: 2022-07-06

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