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NanoSat missions take on average between 2 and 5 years from concept to execution, forcing companies and academia into spending huge budgets on heavy in-house technology development, mission operations and legal burdens regarding launch and frequency allocation.

For visionary commercial, science and exploration players, who require access to space operations and data services, EnduroSat offers fastest in-space service at a fraction of the current cost and complexity.

Shared Satellite Service covers everything – from testing and integrating your payload, to launching and operating the satellite in orbit at the industry-shortest time of 6 months to delivering your data directly to the cloud.

EnduroSat’s redundant multi-master architecture ensures that each payload can be operated by multiple EnduroSat components in a strict hierarchy.

The dedicated payload computer ensures security and efficiency on satellite bus level.

Secure data downlink through AWS-based cloud services enabling high level of security for your data.

Fly payloads of any size between 0.2U and 4.5U with the technical freedom you deserve:

  • Connect with various communications buses
  • Choose diverse pointing requirements
  • Use Flexible power supply
  • Handle wide range of data needs
  • Choose your payload’s functions – be it Earth observation through IR and visible cameras, SAR, communication module

Next launches

  • Q1 2021 - SSO 450 km, 22:15 LTAN
  • Q2 2021 - SSO 500-600 km, 13:30 LTAN
  • Q4 2021 - SSO 500-600 km, 9:00 LTAN

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Last updated: 2020-07-20

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