Structural Testing


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Redwire's Engineering Solutions group has over 30 years of experience performing static load, vibe, and shock tests. Services include test planning, design, assembly, conducting the test, and reporting. Capabilities include world class facilities with a large supply of adapters and load heads in stock.

Key features

  • 8600 square feet of lab space
  • 10-ton overhead crane
  • Universal/modular structural load frame
  • 20 load control channels
  • 256 strain/displacement channels
  • Actuator capacities 1.2kip to 220kip
  • Load cell capacities from 500lbs to 200kip
  • 50 linear displacement transducers


  • Sandia National Labs targets and countermeasures
  • Boeing Delta IV Payload Attach Fitting
  • ULA Atlas V Interstage Adapter
  • Moog EAGLE ESPA, ESPA Grande, ESPA Qual
  • Moog GRAIL Adapter
  • ORS-3
  • Design Net Engineering – ETAP Adapter
  • Spaceflight GTO-1 conical adapters
  • Spaceflight SSO-A secondary payload adapters

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Last updated: 2022-02-09

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