Independent Verification and Validation Service (IV&V)


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IV&V is a systematic approach for ensuring that a product is being built correctly and the correct product is being built.

Our services range from point–in-time assessments to a full-time multidisciplinary role, and can scale to suit the size and scope of any implementation.

Services include:

  • Service Management: activities related to the planning and coordination of IV&V tasks.
  • Engineering Activities: focused mainly in the preparation and contribution to the technical documentation related to IV&V activities (VCDs, engineering and IV&V plans, test specifications, test procedures, ...) and performing the corresponding verification and validation testing campaigns according to the agreed plans.

The service shall be provided, mainly, at the Turkish Aerospace's premises. (If requested) Part of the work covering integration and testing in the operational environments may be performed at Customer site.

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Last updated: 2020-09-24

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