Getting started

Getting started

Your first visit to any new platform can feel a little overwhelming, so we’ve tried to make things easy for you by explaining the key tasks that can be performed on satsearch and linking to the pages where you can carry them out.

Our platform is the global marketplace for space - it features information about supplier companies and space technology products, tools for integrating product information into a range of typical software packages and solutions to help customers find the best product and supplier for their unique circumstances. Here’s how to use it:

Find a specific space product

Looking for thrusters, batteries, solar panels and more? Get started using the product search below, or jump to the products hub to access all our product-related tools.

Try an example search:x-bandcubesatreaction wheels

View categories or families of products

View the product categories page and select from the available options to see all products listed in each section.

Compare products based on key specifications

We have built an advanced space product data explorer tool that can be used to compare products on the satsearch platform in a each category based on the criteria you select. You can then click through from the tool to view the individual product pages.

Integrate satsearch data into your workflow

View our custom software integrations to find out how you can use satsearch information directly in your own informatics system for streamlined design processes.

Find space technology suppliers

Find an individual supplier by name or keyword using the search boxes below:

Try an example search:Airbuscubesat

You can also go to the main suppliers page and view our global supplier map to find companies based on their location.

List your company

In order to get your company listed on the global space marketplace, and get exposed to potential clients from all over the world, submit your information here and join the Satsearch Membership Program to demonstrate to the global community your commitment to providing the best product and service information to help the marketplace grow.

Get involved and stay up to date

You can engage with the satsearch team in a number of ways:

Join our Slack Community

Follow us on

Join our emailing list using the box below:

For any other questions or comments drop us a message at [email protected].