Address: 408 rue Hélène Boucher

City: Buc

Country: France

Postcode: 78530


3D PLUS is a world leading supplier of advanced high density 3D microelectronic products and Space qualified Rad Hard vertical Stacks meeting the demand for high reliability, high performance and very small size of today’s and tomorrow’s electronics.

Our patented technology portfolio starts with standard package scale upward to die-size and wafer-level stacking processes, and, enables stacking heterogeneous active, passive, Opto-electronics and MEMS/MOEMS devices in a single highly miniaturized package.

We offer catalog products and more complex System-In-Package (SiP) solutions that bring breakthrough advantages to our customers’ electronic designs.

We focus on the demand for high-reliability and high-performance for space-saving technology-driven applications in industrial, computing/telecommunications, security and defense, avionics, medical and space markets.

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Last updated: 2019-08-27