• Address: Agias Lavras Str., Thesi Skamnies
  • City: Ano Kastritsi-Patras
  • Country: Greece
  • Postcode: 26504
  • State: Achaia


Adamant Composites is a high-tech industrial SME working on Advanced Materials & Structures serving Space industry with:

  • Design and MAIT of ultra-stable deployable structures (deployable antennas, telescopes).
  • Novel nano-enabled material products; prepreg, adhesives and coating
  • Design and Manufacturing of MGSE and EGSE.
  • Inhouse Autoclave Manufacturing and Assembly of CFRP parts and components for small satellites and scientific instruments. (sandwich panels, enclosures, struts, fittings, brackets).
  • Engineering Support Services throughout the complete development cycle (CAD, Structural, Thermal, Magnetic Analyses)
  • Laser Tracker Metrology.

The company is in Patras, Greece, housed at a 1100m2 industrial facility having 2 Halls; for Materials & Processes, and Space AIT. It is certified under EN ISO 9001. The company has proven track record in ESA Technology activities and our people have experience participating in various Missions (ESA-JUICE, EDRS, TechDemoSat-1, YES2, UPSAT). Our experience makes us ideal partner for both Build-to-Print and Build-to-Spec projects.


  • Athanasios Baltopoulos
  • Commercial Director




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Last updated: 2018-04-10