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Space is the ultimate definition of an advanced industry. Its technological frontiers must be continually rolled back, but at the same time, maximum autonomy and total equipment reliability must be guaranteed. Our unique expertise in cryogenics has made Air Liquide a major contributor to space exploration for more than 50 years. We take part in the largest international projects, including the European Ariane launcher program, satellite programs (primarily Herschel, Planck and MeteoSat Third Generation) and the International Space Station (with the MELFI cold storage system).

As a full stakeholder in, and partner of the scientific community, Air Liquide has a permanent commitment to the development and optimization of cryogenic equipment. It supports the space industry at two levels: the design and manufacture of cryogenic tanks and equipment, and the production of industrial gases, backed up by the provision of associate services.


Benoît Potier



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