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Specific areas of our expertise are:

Thermal analysis: Thermal analysis is one of the most important aspects of space technology and satellite sub systems. We have experts that deal in thermal analysis of satellites based on data that you provide us. We have on our team experts in the field of thermal engineering and analysis who will help you in attaining the best possible solution for your problem.

Spacecraft and satellite subsystems 3D modeling: 3D modeling is a cost effective way of testing any static or dynamic system before a prototype is developed. Alphid Ltd provides you with accurate 3D models and their analysis. These models can be of any subsystem of a spacecraft or satellite. The models help is further analysis of how the machine will behave in a real time environment.

ESATAN-TMS Thermal Modeling Suite: ESATAN-TMS is state of the art radiative and orbital environment heat transfer calculating software. This software is available for all the space and satellite producing agencies and is being used extensively. The software was developed for thermal analysis of any spacecraft subsystem which makes it an efficient and cost-effective method of analysis.


  • Yannick Melameka
  • Founder




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