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Address: 135 E Ortega St

City: Santa Barbara

Country: United States


State: California


Advanced Scientific Concepts, LLC. (ASC) was founded by Dr. Roger Stettner in 1987 to focus on emerging technologies specifically related to enhanced imaging and applications. The company’s focus is 3D Flash LIDAR™ technologies and cameras. Today, unique 3D video cameras, built on ASC’s patented technology, collect full frames (128x128 pixels) of 3D point cloud data per single laser pulse (Flash LIDAR), up to 60 frames per second. Capturing both range and intensity with these cameras allows for a wide range of use models.

Because ASC’s Flash LIDAR carries its own eye-safe illumination (laser) source and has the ability to image through dust, fog, smoke or other obscurant conditions, ASC’s 3D Flash LIDAR data provides significant situational awareness, accurate 3D representation of the scene including measurements, real-time imaging through obscurants including brownout, night-time or otherwise hostile conditions in single 3D images or streaming videos.


Roger Stettner

Chairman of the Board

Bradley Short

President & CEO

Michael Dahlin

Director of Business Development

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Last updated: 2019-03-27