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  • Address: Via Enzo Ferrari 10
  • City: Varano De'Melegari
  • Country: Italy
  • Postcode: 43040
  • State: PR


BERCELLA has 20 years of experience in advanced structural composites for aerospace and defense: (satellite panels, COPV, Cube Sat, drones, radome, parts for Rosetta and ExoMars). Certified AS 9100 and ESA-STAR, we work with main European space agencies. We have 5 autoclaves (one of 5,5 MT diam.), 5 CNC, internal test lab., 2 filament winding up to 8 MT long. We are not focused only on production of parts, but we also support our customers with engineering service, material characterization and tools for production. Flexibility and reactive response are some advantage of our medium size company.


Davide solaroli

Export Manager



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Last updated: 2017-06-28