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CalRamic Technologies LLC, a United States based manufacturing company, specializes in High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors for a wide variety of applications. Industries and applications that benefit from implementation of CalRamic capacitors include: Commercial/Industrial Power Supplies, Military Avionics, Radars, Sensing, High Temperature Geophysical, Geothermal, and High Temperature Electronics. In addition, CalRamic Technologies LLC manufactures Radial Leaded High Voltage Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC) for Space Level Ultra High Reliability in a variety of C-V values and sizes.



High Temperature - High Voltage Leaded Capacitors - 200 deg C Rated NPO / HTX7R - 50 Vdc to 10 KVdc

High Voltage Multi-Layer Chip Capacitors - Military and Commercial Grade - 500 Vdc to 10 KVdc

High Voltage Multi-Layer Chip Capacitors - Space Level Grade - 500 Vdc to 10 KVdc

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