• Address: 78 Quai Marcel Dassault
  • City: ST CLOUD
  • Country: France
  • Postcode: 92552
  • State: CEDEX


With each of its aircraft, Dassault Aviation demonstrates its mastery of advanced technology in the service of its customers. In so doing, it helps these same customers to maintain their independence and manage their own time, their own space, their decisions and their actions, worldwide. Our strategy and our long-term viability are built upon bold yet realistic technical and industrial choices, in compliance with the economic and political imperatives. As a pivotal component of a high value-added strategic industry, we play our part in the development of the activity of a wide range of high-flying companies, laboratories and teaching establishments. Thanks to the technical and relational skills of our teams, we are able to develop unique know-how that we share with our partners and with the aerospace industry as a whole.





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Last updated: 2018-01-07