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Delphi Precision Imaging


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Improve Mission Assurance with our advanced Industrial CT X-Ray services, which is very economical for the small satellite market. Non-destructive imaging of internal features of prototypes and production parts saves time in product development and failure investigations. CAD-to-part analysis and tolerance verification improves quality control and prevents costly defects. Delphi Precision Imaging is experienced in working with additively manufactured spacecraft parts in a variety of metals including Titanium and Inconel. Our advanced analysis services quantify critical internal features, affirms internal passages are clear, and maps porosity and voiding. Our multiple X-Ray energy sources allow us to achieve high-resolution scans of complex satellite circuit boards, valves, nozzles, tanks actuators, wire harnesses, and even fully assembled small satellites. Verify your project and its components are 100% flight-worthy, with non-destructive internal imaging.


Blake Chenevert



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Last updated: 2019-03-27