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Delta-Utec IAS



  • Address: Edelkarper 25
  • City: Leiden
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Postcode: 2318 NJ
  • State: 


Delta-Utec Integrated Application Services (IAS) provides consultancy, project management support and access to an expert network in the areas of space systems engineering and integrated applications. We draw on a network of experts that has developed 8 satellites and high tech space experiments since 1994. During this development, and ever since, we have focused on improving our processes and developed and applied powerful and innovative system engineering and configuration management tools, based on which we can confidently assist you with your challenges. Our team has over a decade experience in integrated applications, which is the development of financially viable services and products integrating terrestrial and space solutions. We have contributed to 20 services in the domains of health, sustainability and safe living, using techniques such as risk mapping (land mines, disease vectors, water management), asset management (pipelines, trucks, trains) and operational monitoring (sustainable farming, forestry, fisheries).

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Last updated: 2019-06-18