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European Test Services (ETS) B.V.



  • Address: Keplerlaan 1 Postbox 299
  • City: Noordwijk
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Postcode: 2200 AG
  • State: 


European Test Services (ETS) B.V. maintains and operates the test centre of the European Space Agency (ESA) based in the Netherlands. ETS provides test facility services to industry in the domains of shock, vibration, acoustic noise, thermal vacuum, space simulation, EMC and more. ETS is a joint venture that is equally owned by IABG mbH (Ottobrunn, Germany) and Airbus Defence & Space SAS (Toulouse, France). Since its establishment in the year 2000 ETS has become one of the major providers of testing services for the European aerospace industry. The ETS team covers the required core competences for the management and operations of the test facilities, the related infrastructures, the integration-, checkout- and storage areas as well as office accommodation for the test centre clients. ETS works in close cooperation with ESA’s directorate for technical and quality management that provides further quality and engineering resources in case needed. To cover the required core competences for the management and operations of the test facilities and the related infrastructure, IABG as well as Airbus provide highly-skilled and experienced personnel. This includes all permanent personnel and support on short notice during peak workload periods. Being hosted at ESTEC, ETS can utilize the broad expertise available within ESA test engineering and infrastructure support. Due to this approach ETS provides flexibility and continuous tailor-made resources to the full satisfaction of its clients. Over the years ETS has proven its competence and experience by accomplishing tests and test related engineering activities for industries as aerospace, railway, marine and others. The large variety of facilities enables ETS to test small units up to large and complex structures. ETS is consequently expanding its activities on the commercial market and has become a well-acknowledged address for testing.


Jörg Selle

Managing Director

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Last updated: 2019-05-28