• Address: A-407, Shriram Srishti apartment, SSA Road, Anand Nagar
  • City: Bangalore
  • Country: India
  • Postcode: 560 032
  • State: Karnataka


Established in 2014, Finetuning Academy

  • Develops and delivers advanced technology training courses to engineers develop competence in RF & wireless system design, simulation and testing
  • Offers RF design consultancy services to companies engaged in design, development and manufacture of RF & Wireless systems
  • Offers Consulting and design services for RF & Microwave MMIC design (DC-100GHz)
  • Provides training Services for RF & Microwave MMIC, Circuit and system design
  • Offers consulting and design services for RF & Microwave system & Sub-System design (DC-8GHz)
  • Offers consulting and design services for PCB antenna design, impedance matching and testing


  • Bhupinder Singh
  • Technical Director


Ka-band LNA 27GHz to 29Ghz

Wideband LNA 2GHz to 25Ghz

Wideband PA 2GHz to 18Ghz

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