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Government Tools Room and Training Centre


  • Address: Rajajinagar Industrial Estate
  • City: Bangalore
  • Country: India
  • Postcode: 560044
  • State: KA


GTTC was established in 1972 at Bangalore with the participation of the Karnataka State Government, in collaboration with the Government of Denmark under the Bilateral Development Co-operation Agreement. The excellent performance of GTTC Bangalore, proactive Government of Karnataka which saw the need for expansion, got second unit of GTTC started in 1992 with DANIDA assistance. Proliferation of technology for development of the industries with supply of skilled manpower is the key to meet the needs of the global requirement. With this Government of Karnataka encouraged GTTC to start 10 more sub-centres to train in the area of tool and die making in various parts of Karnataka. GTTC is an autonomous society, and a recognised Scientific and Research Organisation by the Government of India. Govt. Tool Room and Training Centre (GTTC), is serving industry by way of precision tooling and providing in well trained craftsmen the area of tool and die making.


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Last updated: 2019-05-28