Hypernova Space Technologies

Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa


Hypernova Space Technologies builds plasma-based electric propulsion for small satellites designed to enhance manoeuvrability and expand mission capabilities.

Hypernova's simple design – without the complexity of exotic fuels, high-pressure systems, and intricate valves – is conducive to consistent and reliable operations in space. Key characteristics of Hypernova's Vacuum Arc Thruster (VAT) designs include thrust-on-demand and flexibility over a wide range of mission scenarios.

Suitable for CubeSats, as well as larger form factor smallsats, Hypernova's thrusters can be used for station-keeping, constellation phasing, collision avoidance, and other critical in-orbit manoeuvres.

Hardware miniaturization and new innovations are resulting in a demand for more complex and versatile mission profiles, while constellation developments and Space Situational Awareness (SSA) guidelines are adding to the in-space coordination burden for satellite operators.

To meet these needs, Hypernova offers a variety of customization options for their thruster systems. The layout, capacity, and performance characteristics can all be adapted to suit different mission requirements and flexible power consumption range allows the systems to be adapted to different satellite configurations.

All of Hypernova's off-the-shelf propulsion systems come pre-loaded with unpressurized and non-toxic solid fuel for ease-of-use, minimal regulation overhead, low logistics requirements, and improved safety. The system is plug & play for straightforward setup and integration, and provides instant on-demand firing (with no warm-up time).

For larger constellations, licenses and extended manufacturing support are also available to facilitate in-house/vertically integrated production lines.

Hypernova Space Technologies

Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa

Contact information

Arun Place Suite 2i, Old Sir Lowry's Pass Road, Somerset West, Western Cape, 7130 - South Africa

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