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  • Country: Russian Federation
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  • State: Moscow


Founded on November 15, 1971 under the Agreement on the Establishment of the lntersputnik International System and Organization of Space Communications, the lntersputnik International Organization of Space Communications (lntersputnik) is an intergovernmental satellite organization headquartered in Moscow, Russian Federation. lntersputnik can be joined by the Government of any state, which shares the principles of its activity. Presently, lntersputnik has twenty six member countries, which represent virtually all geographic regions from Central America to South-East Asia, and from Europe to Africa. The Governments of the lntersputnik member countries appointed twenty four Signatories from among national telecommunications organizations and telecommunications administrations. lntersputnik’s mission is to contribute to the consolidation and expansion of economic, scientific, technological and cultural relations using satellite telecommunications, video and audio broadcasting, and to support cooperation and coordination of the efforts of the member countries aimed at designing, procuring, operating and expanding an international satellite telecommunications system.





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