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Mirabilis Design Inc.



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Mirabilis Design is a Silicon Valley company providing systems engineering solutions. VisualSim is a modeling and simulation software that is used to visualize the entire system prior to investing in a program. This visualization eliminates risk in product development by resolving bottlenecks, failures, quality limitations and performance issues, early in the product definition phase. The visualization can be at a mission, large system or a board, and can contain a combination of electronics, real-time software, sensors and networks. Applications can be space payload, Radars, network of aircrafts and ground stations. Analysis performed in VisualSim can determine the feasibility of a project based on reports generated for timing, power consumption, throughput and functionality. Users construct VisualSim models of the proposed system using parameterized components in a graphical environment. Traffic, use-cases and application flows are added to this model and simulated for a variety of parameters. The large collection of reports and statistics provide accurate and high probability view of the final product performance. These can be analyzed to make architecture decisions on the mission.


Deepak Shankar


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Last updated: 2019-03-27