• Address: 350 N Halstead St
  • City: Pasadena
  • Country: United States
  • Postcode: 91107
  • State: California


Motiv Space Systems is an innovative provider of motion control system solutions for extreme environments. We create advanced solutions for use in hostile environments throughout our Solar System! Among multiple exciting projects currently in work, we are in the process of building a highly capable team to produce and deliver the next generation robotic arm for JPL/NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover Mission. By employing the best people we offer our customers a partner capable of executing the full spectrum of engineering through manufacturing of electro-mechanical systems. We pride ourselves on rapid response and on time delivery because orbital mechanics don’t change based on supply chain schedules. The Motiv team is passionate about what we do and we look forward to tackling challenging projects.


  • Chris Thayer
  • President and CEO


Bravo motor controller

Alpha motor controller

Echo motor controller


Last updated: 2018-02-05