MURB Space

Warsaw, Poland


MURB Space delivers future proof solutions for small satellite integrators, for assembly, integration and testing (AIT) purposes. MURB Space offers Mechanical and Ground Support Equipment (MGSE) geared towards the NewSpace market.

MURB Space's 3D MGSE and 1D MGSE products were both created to facilitate and shorten the AIT process for small satellites, while satisfying the strict quality requirements in the space industry. Both products were invented as tools to optimize the AIT process of small satellites. Manual AIT activities have to be carried out with care, consuming significant time and resources for reporting and safety procedures.

Implementation of a dedicated tool during the AIT process can help reduce the number of steps, effort, and resources needed. By streamlining AIT, MURB Space's MGSE product portfolio helps to reduce time, resources, and errors throughout AIT of small satellites, by drastically reducing the number of manual tasks.

The main benefits of using MURB Space's MGSEs include:

  • Improving safety during integration and testing
  • Reducing time and cost of the assembly process
  • Rotating satellite freely to provide better access to the components without the need to remove it from a MGSE jig or moving around manually

Who is this for?

  • Satellite integrators that assemble many satellites in a short period of time
  • Satellite integrators that assemble satellites for mega constellations
  • Organizations that develop single satellites
  • Organizations that are performing test campaigns

MURB Space

Warsaw, Poland


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Contact information

Hoża 86, Warsaw, 05-077 - Poland


Maciej Urbanowicz


19-21 November, 2019

Space Tech Expo | Europe

11-13 September 2019

11th European CubeSat Symposium

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