NEC Corporation

Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan


NEC Corporation is a multinational Japanese IT and electronics business with headquarters in Minato, Tokyo.

The company is a member of the Sumitomo Group was known as the Nippon Electric Company, Limited, before rebranding in 1983 as NEC.

It provides a variety of IT and network solutions to business across the globe, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, cloud computing services, and telecommunications equipment and software.

NEC's space business began in 1956 when it developed a rocket telemetry transmitter-receiver system for the University of Tokyo.

NEC led the development of Japan's first satellite, Ohsumi, which launched in 1970. Since that time the company has been involved in the development of more than 80 satellites, including systems for broadcasting, Earth Observation (EO), astronomy, engineering testing, communications, and deep space exploration satellites.

NEC Corporation

Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Contact information

1-10 Nisshin-cho, Fuchu, Tokyo, Tokyo, 183-8551 - Japan


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