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  • Address: Elfordstown Earth Station
  • City: Midleton
  • Country: Ireland
  • Postcode: P25 P526
  • State: Co. Cork


Nitrexo’s Expertise

Thermal engineering, particularly in the space industry, is the expertise of Nitrexo, a start-up company based in Ireland. The company provides engineering and consultancy services, as well as digital solutions, thermal analysis reports, and various space products, to its clients.

Nitrexo’s competence involves using ESATAN-TMS® for conducting thermal analyses on space systems and sub-systems prior to the implementation of the thermal design. This ensures that the device or product that undergoes analysis and testing will function effectively under certain space conditions.

In addition, the company specializes in payloads, system level, solar panels, mechanisms, instruments, antennas, sensors, mirrors, electronics, optoelectronics devices for satellites, rockets, microelectronic components, and ground support equipment. Clients are also assured of receiving a thermal analysis reports on their projects.

Having completed projects for the European Space Agency and QinetiQ, Nitrexo’s strengths include running tests and verifications, as well as the integration of improvements to various engineering designs and processes.

Nitrexo’s Mission and Vision

Nitrexo believes in democratic ways of doing things to achieve competence and expertise, particularly in the field of space thermal engineering. In this regard, it uses education as an effective platform and tool for enhancing people’s capabilities.

Through its digital solutions, it aims to provide any interested party--whether business entities or individuals--equal access to educational and skills enhancement materials and applications that will help them create and innovate effectively.

Knowledge Management

Nitrexo guarantees that its training programs are not limited only to the transfer of theoretical knowledge to thermal engineers but that they also teach them how to accurately apply such knowledge in their field of work. Thus, Nitrexo trainings are designed to ensure a delightful user experience.


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