Nominal Systems

Canberra, Australia


Nominal Systems is an Australian digital engineering solutions provider specializing in the space and defense sector. We help our partners explore, analyze, and optimize the behavior of complex systems. We deliver mission resilience at an affordable cost to provide solutions for scenarios that are too expensive or dangerous to replicate in the real world.

Built around a system-of-systems design philosophy, our architecture lets users control design complexity by providing the means to build models for sub-systems that can then be streamlined and connected through an MPI like system. This provides users with unparalleled modularity and flexibility to rapidly construct complex system-of-systems simulations in a full-scale digital world.

By following our design philosophy, we've made it easy to swap out simulation modules with real hardware as it's only when the hardware is 'in-the-loop' that you start to understand the mission.

Nominal Systems

Canberra, Australia


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147 Limestone Avenue, Braddon, Canberra, 2612 - Australia

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