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NPO Energomash


  • Address: Burdenko street, 1
  • City: KHIMKY
  • Country: Russian Federation
  • Postcode: 141400
  • State: MOSCOW


NPO ENERGOMASH named after academician Valentin Petrovich Glushko, known earlier as GDL-OKB (Gasdynamic laboratory – Experimental Design Bureau) – the leading Russian enterprise on development of powerful liquid propellant rocket engines (LPRE). The liquid propellant rocket engines developed in NPO ENERGOMASH reliably put into orbit practically all domestic space objects, since the first artificial satellite of the Earth, the first spacecraft with the man onboard, up to “Mir” orbital station and “Energia” super-power rocket with “Buran” space plane. Accumulated by NPO ENERGOMASH huge experience of creation of liquid propellant rocket engines, possession of unique technologies has provided a favorable basis for cooperation with the various aerospace organizations and companies of all world.


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Last updated: 2019-03-27