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NSL Comm Ltd


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  • City: Raänana
  • Country: Israel
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Working in the field of satellite communications, NSLComm has developed antenna technologies to transform the efficiency of communications services, bringing supercharged bandwidth at a lower price per bit. The team has proven space technology development ability and strong market knowledge, which they combine with strategic partners to ensure success.NSLComm antenna solution has been designed to optimize currently available satellite communications technology. Small and light-weight, the main reflector is compacted during launch, so the antenna can be launched using existing rocket launchers for GEO/ LEO satellites. Once released in orbit the reflector expands to the desired diameter, with an adaptive, pattern-shaping sub reflector - the FlexoSub – it is correctable for high frequencies. The antenna offers active, in-orbit footprint control, allowing operators to focus supply directly on specific areas where there is demand for increased satellite bandwidth. The NSL solution provides significantly higher level performance than other solutions - throughput is increased by up to x10 for GEO, and x100 for LEO, across a wider range of frequencies. NSL’s is the only company developing a single platform and combining different technologies, including the expandable reflector and the FlexoSub system. The company’s target markets include LEO and GEO satellite manufacturers and satellite operators across the spectrum, from communications to broadband to data imaging to weather satellites. Its current customer base includes satellite and spacecraft developers and manufacturers, satellite owners and service providers.


Raz Itzhaki-Tamir

Co-Founder and CEO


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Last updated: 2015-05-01