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STAR-Dundee is a leading supplier of spacecraft on-board data-handling technology with expertise in SpaceWire and SpaceFibre technology. STAR-Dundee’s test and development products are used by the world’s space agencies and aerospace organisations in the development and testing of their spacecraft. The IP cores are integrated in spaceflight systems monitoring the Earth, exploring the Solar System, studying the universe and supporting commercial space applications.

Star-Dundee and its staff was instrumental in the development of SpaceWire, writing the ECSS standard with inputs from international spacecraft engineers. STAR-Dundee offers an extensive range of products to support the design, development and testing of SpaceWire, as well as a range of well tested and widely used IP cores. These can be licensed from STAR-Dundee for use in FPGAs, for example, while ASICs which utilise our IP are also available from companies such as Microchip.

Since the company's formation in 2002, STAR-Dundee has led the research and development of SpaceWire and related technologies. In 2019, these efforts resulted in the publication of the SpaceFibre standard by the ECSS. SpaceFibre is the next generation of SpaceWire, offering higher throughput, lower mass and new capabilities including quality of service and fault detection, isolation and recovery. STAR-Dundee has an expanding range of SpaceFibre products available to support the evaluation, design, testing and deployment of SpaceFibre, while the SpaceFibre IP cores are currently being implemented in spaceflight systems by the company's users.


Dundee, United Kingdom


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STAR House, 166 Nethergate, Dundee, DD1 4EE - United Kingdom

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