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VisionSpace Technologies


  • Address: Robert-Bosch-Straße 7
  • City: Darmstadt
  • Country: Germany
  • Postcode: 64293
  • State: 

Other branches

  • Address: Rua Eng. Ferreira Dias, 884 - 3º AH
  • City: Porto
  • Country: Portugal
  • Postcode: 4100-246


VisionSpace Technologies is a company with its headquarters in Germany (Darmstadt) created by end 2010, and operates in the aerospace sector. The company’s entrepreneurial spirit allows to deliver high-performance solutions, through innovative thinking and development that address our client’s expectations.

We bring new technology solutions and provide engineering services to European wide space industry. In 2011 the company become a new member of the knowledge pool supporting the European Space Control Centre (ESOC) in engineering activities - Engineering Manpower Support Frame Contract - EFC1.

In the succeeding year, VisionSpace Technologies success become notable by a wide range of clients and again its effort was compensated by becoming a new member, as Qualified Partner, in the Frame Contract for Ground System Software Related Activities - GFC8.

In an industry where critical software demand quality control and assurance policies, VisionSpace invested in an innovative quality management system and obtained its ISO 9001:2008 certificate in 2013. Bottom line: Quality and Innovation are our main priorities to success.

VisionSpace, where the limit is how far you can see.


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Last updated: 2017-07-23