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  • Address: Estrada Dr. Altino Bondensan, 500, Distrito de Eugênio de Melo
  • City: São José dos Campos
  • Country: Brazil
  • Postcode: 12247-016
  • State: SP


Visiona Space Technology is a joint venture between Embraer and Telebrás devoted to space systems integration. Combining Embraer´s systems integration skills and INPE’s accumulated satellite integration knowledge, Visiona has a key role in Brazilian space industry, coordinating the industry business actions to provide solutions to civil and military Brazilian satellite needs.

The company is the prime contractor for SGDC (Geostationary Defense and Strategic Communications Satellite) program, which will offer broadband internet connectivity to 100% of Brazilian municipalities/cities as part of the National Broadband Program and will also be the strategic communications system backbone of the Brazilian military, nowadays totally dependent of foreign satellites. All Visiona responsibilities are rigorously on schedule.

Visiona has launched a new service in 2015, to provide and analyze satellite images in order to develop large remote sensing projects in Brazil and neighbor countries. For this reason, the company has hired a high-qualified technical and commercial team and has set up a distribution agreement with major global players in satellite earth observation industry - Airbus, DigitalGlobe, RESTEC and SI Imaging Services - establishing a unique virtual constellation in the region. This constellation is capable of collecting a large volume of images along with suitable sensors to address all market segments needs.

The entry into that business will allow Visiona to diversify its revenues and to bring Visiona closer to the end users of satellite image products. This strategy will provide insights about the real needs of the market and also help the company to make possible new Brazilian satellite programs.


Himilcon de C. Carvalho

Chief Operations Officer


João Paulo Campos



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Last updated: 2019-03-27