About satsearch

About satsearch

Hi there, we are satsearch and we’re building the global marketplace for space.

The commercial space industry is undergoing significant growth and dramatic change on a daily basis. Revolutionary missions and launches are being planned and carried out, innovative companies are bringing exciting new capabilities to market, and investors are backing firms of all sizes with big ideas, both on and off-earth.

In the midst of this progress we are developing a central platform to bring together information on space technology products, services and businesses from across the globe. Our mission is to open up and democratize the global space supply chain by improving access to information and spearheading the digitalization of the sector.

Our rapidly growing platform is the data layer of the space industry. By enabling everybody to more easily find and use information on space technologies we are helping buyers find the right systems to meet their needs while providing suppliers access to a global marketplace for their products.

Our platform features an independent, up-to-date, parametric search engine for space technology, products and services offered by suppliers all over the world. Sign up for a free account today in order to access exclusive benefits and tools for the platform.

We also provide a Membership Program to help identify businesses who have made a commitment to engaging with the global space community on satsearch and custom software integrations so that satsearch information can be seamlessly integrated into design and development workflows

Our team

We’re a global company based in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, with team members in the Netherlands, Italy and India. We are currently participating in the incubation program at the ESA Business Incubation Centre Noordwijk.

Kartik Kumar
Delft, The Netherlands

Kartik is an Aerospace Engineer and Planetary Science with over a decade of experience working at space organizations and research institutes around the world. For Kartik, space is not merely a job, but rather a way of life.

Narayan Prasad
Bangalore, India

Narayan is a space entrepreneur and policy professional with an outstanding track record of building and leading spacetech initiatives. Alongside his business experience Narayan is also an Associate Research Fellow at the European Space Policy Institute and an advisor to SEDS India.

Alberto Vaccarella
Milan, Italy

Alberto is an experienced developer who has worked at a number of successful tech companies in Italy and the USA. Trained in biomedical engineering, Alberto is bringing his expertise building and managing medical databases to the space sector.


Hywel Curtis
Manchester, United Kingdom

Past contributors

Srikara Datta Cherukuri
Delft, the Netherlands

Edoardo Barbieri
Delft, the Netherlands

Joe Verbist
Delft, the Netherlands

Gourav Namta
Jamshedpur, India

Nishchal Hoysal
Bangalore, India

Adithya Rajendran
Sydney, Australia

Kamna Kohli
New Delhi, India


2nd prize at Startup Weekend Space Bremen 2015

1st Prize at Inaugular ISU Startup Pitch Competition 2016


Aerospace Startup Voucher and Coaching Programme: Round 2: '16-'17

Startup School 2017 & 2018

ESA Business Incubation Centre Noordwijk (2018-Present)