About satsearch

Hi there, we’re satsearch and we’re building a faster way to design space missions through Integrated Mission Design™.

We’re developing an independent, up-to-date, parametric search engine for space products and services. Our search engine provides specifications for satellite parts, making engineering, procurement and market analysis a whole lot easier.

We’re a global company, based in Delft, The Netherlands, with team members in the Netherlands, Italy and India. We’re also on the look out for talented people to join our team.

Shoot us an email if you’re interested in what we’re doing.


Kartik Kumar
Delft, The Netherlands

Narayan Prasad
Bangalore, India

Alberto Vaccarella
Milan, Italy


Nishchal Hoysal
Bangalore, India


2nd prize at Startup Weekend Space Bremen 2015

1st Prize at Inaugular ISU Startup Pitch Competition 2016

Startup Voucher 2016 winner at Aerospace Engineering