Our mission is to open up the space industry. 
To everybody.

Satsearch is the premier search engine and marketplace for the global space industry.

Engineers and organizations across the globe, from startups to space agencies, use our platform to find new space products and services every day.

Engineers in over 150 countries share their technical requirements with satsearch and we identify relevant supplier solutions, services, products, software, or technologies to meet their needs. You can find out more about how this process works here.

In addition, suppliers from right across the global supply chain rely on satsearch as a direct channel to reach engineers and mission designers in their target markets, while also keeping the industry up to date with the latest changes in their portfolio and operations. Click here to find out more about how this works, and the business model that we use.

We act as a neutral third-party and have supported more than 400 missions to date. Click here to find out more about how satsearch works.

Instead, we provide a novel and powerful solution to the challenge of doing business in the modern, global space industry, leveraging our technology, community, and expertise to efficiently match engineer requirements with supplier capabilities at all levels of the supply chain.

This is how the space industry is becoming a real commercial enterprise - and the amazing benefits it can bring, both on and off Earth, are realized.

Come and join us!

our values

our team


Kartik Kumar

Delft, The Netherlands

image of Kartik Kumar the CEO of satsearch - the global marketplace for space

Narayan Prasad

Berlin, Germany

image of Narayan Prasad the COO of satsearch - the global marketplace for space

Alberto Vaccarella

Milan, Italy

image of Alberto Vaccarella the CTO of satsearch - the global marketplace for space
Head of Marketing

Hywel Curtis

Blackwood, United Kingdom

image of Hywel Curtis the Head of Marketing at satsearch - the global marketplace for space
Customer Delivery Lead

Omkar Nikam

Strasbourg, France

image of Omkar Nikam Customer Delivery Lead at satsearch - the global marketplace for space
Space Data Engineer

Srikara Datta

Delft, The Netherlands

image of Srikara Datta Space Data Engineer at satsearch - the global marketplace for space

Thanks also to the following contributors: Edoardo Barbieri, Nishchal Hoysal, Kamna Kohli, Gourav Namta, Sindhu Paramasivam, Adithya Rajendran, Joe Verbist, Beatrice Vivaldi, Ayushee Chaudhary, Gourav Mahapatra.

our story

Satsearch was born in 2015 at a hackathon in Bremen, and has since helped hundreds of organizations in the space industry improve their trade studies and procurement. At satsearch, we believe that by making it easier to identify the best space products and services to meet your needs, we can help drive growth globally.

2015 Startup Weekend Space Bremen

Satsearch was conceived in Bremen where the team won 2nd prize during a hackathon with 100+ space professionals and enthusiasts.

2016 ISU Startup Pitch Competition

Satsearch won the inaugural Internation Space University startup pitch competion, held during the space studies program at The Technion.

2016 - 2017 Aerospace Startup Voucher and Coaching Programme

Satsearch officially became a spin-off from Delft University of Technology after being selected by a panel of aerospace experts.

2017 - 2018 Startup School

Having completed the Startup School Program, satsearch was well equipped to start targeting product-market fit.

2018 - 2020 ESA Business Incubation Centre Noordwijk

Satsearch was selected by the European Space Agency for their incubation program and graduated with a clear path towards sustainability.

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