How satsearch works

Satsearch is a powerful solution to the challenges of finding the best products and services, and doing business in the space industry. Our experienced team is solving tricky procurement and business development problems across the entire supply chain every day.

This work is unlocking new commercial opportunities and enabling visionary mission designers to realize the amazing value that space offers to the world.

We're accelerating the growth of the commercial space industry and we've supported more than 400 missions to date. Engineers in over 150 countries are using satsearch on a regular basis and hundreds of suppliers are ensuring their digital portfolios are kept up to date.

Our technology, community, and expertise efficiently matches engineer requirements with supplier capabilities at all levels of the supply chain and across every technology category — to the benefit of both parties.

Here's how it works.

Engineers — supercharge trade studies and procurement with satsearch

We've built a dynamic and active platform that is used by thousands of engineers every week to find the exact information they need to develop their missions.

They share their technical requirements with us (through simple online forms or over email) and then our procurement experts identify relevant supplier solutions, services, products, software, or technologies to meet their needs.

We know the space supply chain inside out and we have contacts at thousands of companies around the world — so we can get engineers faster responses from the right people.

Engineers can save several weeks of time and effort, and get the widest possible set of relevant suppliers, when using satsearch to share requirements and request information.

This is a commercial system and we don't handle formal tenders for government-funded opportunities for example.

Instead, satsearch is a direct channel to supplier information and engineers at organizations all over the world can now use us to find new options for trade studies or procurement, or even to nail down the specifications of a 3rd-party system that they want to work into a funding proposal.

how satsearch works - image shows a trail of CubeSats above the earth

This is free for engineers at all levels, but we also offer enhanced support for larger procurement projects (just send us an email if you'd like to find out more).

We don't exclusively represent certain suppliers — satsearch is a channel to access the entire supply chain and we help engineers find options both on and off our platform.

The supplier base on the platform is highly dynamic; changing, growing, and updating as different companies pivot their portfolios and bring new innovation to market.

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Why smart engineers use satsearch

As an engineer, procurement manager, mission designer, researcher, or entrepreneur, there are many reasons to make satsearch an integral part of your workflow.

Cast the widest possible net

You can only make the best decisions when you have the best information. In the space supply chain, this means understanding the widest possible range of options that can meet your requirements.

We can cast the widest net for you to find all possible suppliers from every part of the world for any component, product, or service you might need.

Searching on Google alone typically only nets a few common results — limited to those companies that understand how to optimize their information for search engines. Which is a complicated and constantly changing challenge.

If you limit your search base for vendors, you also lower your negotiation leverage, by not having multiple supplier options at hand.

At any given point of time, satsearch tracks about 100,000 suppliers across the space industry supply chain.

You can benefit hugely by leveraging our knowledge to extract the best price-to-performance of products and services for your space missions.

Compare options with greater speed and precision

With satsearch you'll save a tremendous amount of time compared to personally searching out contact details and writing multiple emails to each individual supplier when you are conducting a trade study.

When you use our request system, we ensure that relevant suppliers who meet your specification for any product or service are notified about your requirements so they can respond.

This way, you can use satsearch once to broadcast your requirements to the entire industry and then sit back and wait to hear from every relevant supplier, instead of chasing after each of them over weeks or months.

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Get the specific information you need, fast

Often suppliers have generic info@ or sales@ email addresses on their data sheets, which means your request can take weeks to be picked up by the relevant people inside sales teams.

By going through satsearch, you'll be put in touch with relevant individuals at target companies who will be responsible for providing you with a quick and direct answer for your queries.

This will save you days or even weeks of effort in establishing the right point of contact to be able to get relevant answers quickly.

You stay in charge of your decisions

Satsearch does not act as an intermediary by buying and selling any products or services.

You will be working directly with the supplier while procuring the right solution for your needs.

We will only act as a communication layer, by identifying relevant suppliers and making introductions to the right point of contact at each of the relevant vendors.

We will also not recommend one supplier over another as we don't operate as a reseller or a distributor.

Our business model is focussed on providing value-adding services to enhance supplier marketing and business development — so we do not bias any procurement, trade study, or other marketplace activities.

Suppliers — build your business with satsearch

Suppliers listed on the satsearch platform are accessing a unique channel to inform the whole supply chain about their capabilities, expertise, and heritage.

A basic profile, with a limited portfolio, is free, while more comprehensive portfolios are available for paying members, along with other value-added services to scale your business development — including qualified introductions to potential business opportunities.

Suppliers can add products and services to their portfolio with simple online forms. Once live, these pages are visible to engineers all over the world, giving companies a unique opportunity to build their brand online.

Suppliers who purchase satsearch membership get enhanced positioning and marketing opportunities as well as access to qualified business prospects that we generate through the platform.

If you're a space supplier then we can help you tell your story and position your company in the supply ecosystem today. You can claim your free profile on satsearch simply by sending us your company info here.

To get access to new business opportunities, enhanced marketing features, and other value-added services to accelerate your growth — please take a look at our membership service here.

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Satsearch for the entire space supply chain

In every activity we act as a neutral third-party — we don't represent either the engineer or the supplier in any procurement discussion.

We aren't a distributor, stockist, wholesaler, re-seller, or exclusive channel partner for any individual supplier, and we don't get involved in transactions.

We also don't mark-up prices as an intermediary.

Our business model is based on providing value-added services to suppliers, enhanced support for high volume procurement, and supply chain intelligence products to help space organizations improve their strategies.

Satsearch is the global marketplace for space — and we'd love for you to join us!