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In today's space industry, trade studies take up huge amounts of engineer time and can still produce sub-optimal results because so much supplier information is very difficult to find.

The satsearch tender tool shortcuts this process dramatically.

Forget googling for suppliers and chasing after them to collect prices, lead times, heritage, ICDs, CAD models, and so on. Simply enter your trade study or procurement tender below and satsearch will get all qualified suppliers to respond with the information you need.

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Terms & conditions

  • A tender submitted using this tool is handled through an open tendering procedure - all information entered into the form above will be shared with our extensive supplier network and anonymously posted to our leads page.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all relevant responses will be shared with the point of contact named in the form above.
  • By submitting a tender you are under no obligation to select, or even engage with, any supplier that responds.
  • All tenders, and responses to them, will be subject to due diligence and are shared by satsearch on a good faith basis - we cannot accept liability for the accuracy of any information provided by third parties.
  • We may make minor edits to the information you submit before sharing your tender with suppliers, and to the responses provided by suppliers, to improve clarity and without changing meaning.

Happy engineers use satsearch

We've helped systems engineers, procurement professionals, and project managers across the world get essential information for their space projects.

Our supplier network

With over 1500 suppliers across the world in our supplier network and more joining every day, we have built the easiest way for you to get the information that you need.

View our entire supplier network.

AAC Clyde Space
Accord Software & Systems Private Limited
ACM Coatings GmbH (subsidiary of Acktar Ltd.)
Airbus Netherlands B.V.
Alén Space
Azista BST Aerospace
Bradford Space
Bright Ascension
CORAC Engineering
Dhruva Space
DHV Technology
Dimac Red
Dragonfly Aerospace
Ecuadorian Space Agency (EXA)
GranStal Solutions Ltd.
IQ Technologies for Earth and Space GmbH
Kongsberg NanoAvionics
KP Labs
Leaf Space
NewSpace Systems
NPC Spacemind
O.C.E. Technology
Oxford Space Systems
Pale Blue
Rafael Ltd.
Remos Space Systems AB
Rubicon Space Systems
Scanway S.A.
Sfera Technologies
Simera Sense
SkyFox Labs s.r.o.
SkyLabs d.o.o.
Sodern S.A.
Solar MEMS Technologies S.L.
Space BD
Space Core
Space Inventor ApS
Spacemanic CZ, s.r.o
Spiral Blue
SteamJet Space Systems
Tensor Tech
Texas Instruments
Unibap AB
Vyoma GmbH
Xiphos Systems Corporation
Zephyr Computing Systems
Zero-G Radiation Assurance
Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies - IRCA SPA

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