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cosine Remote Sensing B.V.

Sassenheim, Netherlands


cosine Remote Sensing develops and builds measurement systems for its customers. These find use in scientific, industrial, medical, environmental, energy, agri/food, security, semiconductor and space applications, with customers ranging from small high-tech companies to the European Space Agency, IBM and EADS.

The cosine Remote Sensing team consists of 40 highly educated people who develop transparently in close collaboration with the customer. With broad experience in different technological areas, cosine provides innovative, out-of-the-box measurement solutions. Technologies span the field of applied physics, with extensive experience in spectroscopy, lasers, radiation and 3D imaging systems.

cosine Remote Sensing B.V.

Sassenheim, Netherlands


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Contact information

Warmonderweg 14, Sassenheim, 2171 AH - Netherlands

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Last updated: 2023-03-15