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Hosted Payload Service

1. Dimensions of the payload   - Approx 100mm x 80mm on the base, 30mm in height.

2. Mass - 0.15 kg

3. Communication requirements - Nil. inert payload.

4. Data rates - Nil

5. Any attitude control specific requirements - Nil

6. Target altitude/orbit - LEO, say 200km to 500km, in decaying orbits for 5 to 10 years lifespan.



AGGBP.25B - Active Patch Antenna

RFQ for AGGBP.25B - Active Patch Antenna from Taoglas



UHF transceiver

RFQ for UHF transceiver from Sputnix 



NANOcomm TM/TC communication subsystem

RFQ for NANOcomm TM/TC communication subsystem from SkyLabs




RFQ for Cormorant from NEEDRONIX s.r.o



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