Simera Sense

Somerset West, South Africa


Simera Sense aims to make Earth Observation effortless for their clients. The way they do it is by actively working with and supporting clients while they execute their Earth Observation missions. The xScape range of optical payloads offered by Simera Sense targets nano-, micro-, and small satellites.

Simera Sense designs all aspects of their payloads to reduce assembly, integration and testing effort, while optimising performance and data throughput in space. Earth Observation missions are all about cost-performance. Therefore, the xScape product range is designed to operate at the cost vs accuracy sweet spot.

Simera Sense is part of the the Simera Group of companies, a design-focused group specializing in engineering consultation and product development. The Simera Group has a shared history with the South African small satellite industry and for the past 10 years designed, manufactured, assembled, integrated and tested optical payloads for local and international customers. Simera Sense is driven by a team of scientists, mechanical, hardware, firmware, electronic and optical engineers with a passion to develop complex systems that operates in extreme environments.

Simera Sense

Somerset West, South Africa


  • Earth Observation cameras webinar presentation(636.1 KB)

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End Old Paardevlei Road, Somerset West, 7130 - South Africa

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