Address: Via Errico Malatesta 27/29

City: Imola

Country: Italy

Postcode: 40026

State: BO


NPC Spacemind provides high-end competitive solution for aerospace industry and space business. We can count on a team of young and smart engineers supported by a strong and experienced production facility.

We provide reliable and competitive solutions for nanosatellite applications such as Cubesat structures SM, deorbiting subsystems ARTICA, and nanosatellites/missions designs. Within our production facilities of more then 6000 sqm and 35 operator we can sustain ambitious industrial and technological project such as the product MORAL, an ALTAZ 1m calss telescope mount for professional observatories and SSA applications. Our focus is to provide high-tech innovative solutions with a cost effective approach for the customer needs.


Niccolò Bellini

Space Business Developer & Space Systems Engineer



Please note that due to the global Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic suppliers' plans to attend events may be subject to changes at short notice.

We were at:

SmallSat 2019

3-8 August, 2019
33rd AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites
Logan, UT

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