Address: ComoNext, via Cavour, 2

City: Lomazzo

Country: Italy

Postcode: 22074

State: Como


Leaf Space operates and continues to develop a solid and reliable distributed ground station infrastructure for a world where Space is for everyone, up there to be discovered and explored with small, versatile and cost-effective smallsats. Our unique concept is focused on creating satellite telecommunications as-a-service, in order to assist clients with their satellite operations by managing and procuring the entire ground segment system through a complete set of services, including time-shared access to ground, customize telecommunication solutions, ground station procurement, consultancy and backup services. The outsourcing strategy for communications significantly reduces cost and development time for any smallsat operator who relies on us, turning ground segment into a predictable recurring cost.

Radio pre-integration

The choice of finalizing the pre-integration of a group of radio systems is strategic to develop Leaf Line and Leaf Key in such a way to offer a ready-to-use service, improving its commercial value. Pre-integration in our ground station network of radios installed on-board small satellites avoids repeating part of the necessary integration process to provide a telecommunications service each time a customer chooses Leaf Space services. As a result, service deployment time is reduced and upfront costs are minimized.


Taylor Silvio Dorigatti

Business Developer & Sales Engineer


Giovanni Pandolfi



Jonata Puglia



Michele Messina



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Find us at these upcoming events


25-27 February, 2020
Spanish small satellites international forum
Malaga, Spain

ASI Workshop

4-6 March, 2020
ASI Nano-satellites and Cubesat Workshop
Rome, Italy

Satellite Show

9-12 March, 2020
Satellite Show 2020.
Washington, US

Space Symposium

March 30 - April 2, 2020
36th Space Symposium
Colorado Springs, US

Small Satellites Conference

27-28 April, 2020
Small Satellites Conference 2020
London, UK

Cubesat workshop

4-6 May, 2020
2020 Cubesat Developers Workshop
San Luis Obispo, US

4S Symposium

25-29 May, 2020
4S Symposium
Vilamoura, Portugal

SmallSat 2020

1-6 August, 2020
34th Annual Small Satellite Conference
Logan, US

IAC 2020

12-16 October, 2020
71st International Astronautical Congress
Dubai, UAE

We were at:

Smallsat Symposium 2020

3-6 February, 2020
Smallsat Symposium Silicon Valley
Mountain View, US

Space Tech Expo Europe 2019

19-21 November, 2019
Space Tech Expo | Europe
Bremen, Germany

NewSpace Europe 2019

13-14 November, 2019
NewSpace Europe 2019

IAC 2019

21-25 October, 2019
70th International Astronautical Congress
Washington, D.C.

CubeSat Symposium 2019

11-13 September 2019
11th European CubeSat Symposium

Finspace 2019

9-11 September 2019
23rd Summit for satellite financing
Paris, France

SmallSat 2019

3-8 August, 2019
33rd AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites
Logan, UT

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