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Lomazzo, Como, Italy


Leaf Space operates, and continues to develop, a solid and reliable distributed ground station infrastructure to provide effective ground segment-as-a-service (GSaaS) solutions and enable full exploitation of space data. The company has a vision of being the leading provider of such services in order to drive expansion and sustainability of the space ecosystem and downstream applications.

Leaf Space's proprietary concept is focused on providing satellite and launch vehicle connectivity as a service, to support clients with their operations by managing and procuring the entire ground segment system through a complete set of services. These include time-shared access to ground, customized communication solutions, ground station procurement, consultancy, and backup services.

Leaf Space is enabling this change through its portfolio of GSaaS solutions characterized by several differentiators:

  • Completely owned and operated Ground Station Network providing global coverage and support for different orbits and frequency bands
  • Fully-managed service
  • Flexibility, scalability, security, and ease of use through modern cloud-based architectures
  • Unique scheduling strategy, optimized for satellite constellation operations

Leaf Space's strategy to satisfy market needs for GSaaS is to provide different solutions based on the same operations strategy and architecture. The company's current services portfolio includes:

  • Leaf Line: A multi-mission, shared, and fully managed Ground Station Network ideally suited for operators who need high flexibility, fast service delivery, frequent daily contacts, low latency, and cost-effective pricing.
  • Leaf Key: A fully managed, dedicated Ground Station Network; ideal for operators of medium-to-large constellations to replace a large upfront investment, dedicated personnel, and recurring costs with a monthly subscription plan proportional to the required ground infrastructure coverage.
  • Leaf Track: Fully managed, Launch Vehicle tracking using real-time autotrack and telemetry reception, deployed on-demand with additional support from the worldwide, distributed Leaf Line network.

All of Leaf Space's GSaaS solutions are driven by the needs of the satellite and launch vehicle operators for an efficient, secure and effective method to operate their assets and to enable full exploitation of data. The value of Leaf's solutions has been already recognised by the market and now Leaf is supporting more than 60 satellites from 45 different customers, covering all the main satellite applications and small launch vehicles.

Leaf Space currently has 35 employees headquartered in Milan, Italy and from 2021 has expanded its presence in the US and formed the entity Leaf Space LLC. Leaf Space LLC is incorporated in Lewes, Delaware and is majority owned and controlled by US persons/citizens. Its US headquarters are based in Northern Virginia.

The company's infrastructure is globally distributed and utilizes both 3.7-meter and 3-meter parabolic dishes used for both S-band and X-band operations, while Yagis are used for UHF and VHF respectively, implementing commercial high datarate receivers in combination with Leaf Space baseband processing software.

The NewSpace industry's fast-paced development is constantly requiring higher levels of protection and risk mitigation for cybersecurity threats. Leaf Space is in an active partnership with Swiss company CYSEC providing space cybersecurity services applied to the Leaf Line and Leaf Key ground segment services.

The following webinars provide more insights into Leaf Space's approach and the associated benefits for global customers:

Leaf Space

Lomazzo, Como, Italy


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