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Historically, space engineers have designed satellites to make them as durable and as reliable as possible, maximizing the available volume and mass for the payload at the expense of security features. Today, the popularity gained by smaller platforms that are able to collect and transmit sensitive data, taking advantage of the "NewSpace" approach based on a fast go-to-market, COTS-oriented architectures and extensive outsourcing of critical building blocks like cloud services or software applications, is making smallsats an attractive target for hackers.

Via the CYSEC Lab, CYSEC helps smallsat operators assess the strengths and weaknesses of their existing and foreseen space architecture and design the ground and on-board security mechanisms to be implemented in order to mitigate unacceptable cyber risks.

Via its off-the-shelf products, CYSEC offers smallsat operators an easy way to implement end-to-end security, protecting both TMTC communications as well as payload data for the end-users. The CYSEC offering for smallsat missions is made of its ARCA trusted execution environment on ground to secure the mission control and ARCA Space on board to securely host the cryptographic secrets and perform all critical operations like encryption, authentication or signature.

End-to-end security is the only way to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of satellite communications, making the use of smallsats sustainable and resilient to cyber threats as well as providing smallsat operators a clear competitive advantage.


Lausanne, Switzerland


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