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Leaf Line



Leaf Line is a unique, multi-mission ground segment-as-a-service (GSaaS) solution, completely owned and operated by Leaf Space. A globally distributed network of ground stations and a reliable, secure software infrastructure comprise the base of the service, which can manage and optimize requests from different users.

The core philosophy of this service is to offer support for a wide range of mission designs and an integration requiring minimum efforts on the user's side. Integration and support are provided both before and during the operational phase of the service, guaranteeing to the client the possibility to take advantage of an entire ground segment infrastructure, without the need to deal with every associated cost.

The cost-effective pricing of this service is strongly suited to operators looking for high flexibility, fast service and data delivery, frequent daily contacts, and low latency.

Thanks to this know-how, Leaf Space is able to offer standards and customized communications solutions precisely tailored to their client's mission requirements, dealing with both the technical and regulatory aspects that an Earth-Space communication link has to face.

The Leaf Line service's main features are the following:

  • Cloud-based architecture
  • Multi-mission support
  • Integration and support throughout the activities
  • Global network of fully managed ground stations
  • Licensing activation and management
  • Launch & Early Operation Phase (LEOP) support

The ground stations’ time is shared between different customers and missions using a high efficiency scheduling algorithm, optimizing ground station use while satisfying customer constraints.

From the operations point of view, Leaf Space will carry out all the activities and management of the ground segment, allowing the customer to focus on their own core business and technology.

To interact with the Leaf Line network, Leaf Space's customers can use a dedicated Application Programming Interface (API) and a real-time data transfer interface through which a proprietary control center or ground segment manager software can be integrated.

The following table gives an overview of the ground station facilities that can be accessed in the Leaf Line service:

GS Location Latitude (N) Longitude (E) Status RF Bands
PT-01Azores36.99-25.13OperationalS & X
PT-02Azores36.99-25.13OperationalS & X
NZ-01New Zealand-46.53168.38OperationalS & X
BG-02Bulgaria42.4823.44OperationalS & X
UK-01UK60.75-0.86OperationalS & X
LK-01Sri Lanka7.2780.72OperationalS & X
AU-01Australia-32.96138.85OperationalS & X
AU-02Australia-29.01115.34OperationalS & X
IS-01Iceland63.96-22.58OperationalS & X
AZ-01Azerbaijan40.4649.48OperationalS & X

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Last updated: 2023-01-31

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