Santa Monica, CA, United States


Epsilon3 modernizes space missions by building the industry standard of operational software. Epsilon3's software platform manages complex operational procedures, saving operators time and reducing errors. The platform supports a majority of a project’s life cycle from integration and testing through live operations.

Current mission tools are neglected in a program lifecycle, creating inefficiency, errors, and added costs over the course of a project. Epsilon3 arms operators with tools throughout an entire project’s lifecycle with the aim to drastically improve efficiency and operator-friendliness.

The Epsilon3 team includes engineering and design professionals from Northrop, Google, and SpaceX, where they ran operations first-hand to bring American astronauts to the ISS.


Santa Monica, CA, United States


  • Epsilon3 customer presentation(2.14 MB)

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2708 Wilshire Bl., Suite 350, Santa Monica, CA, 90403 - United States

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